Struggling with your WordPress website?

Now that you have a brand new, live website, you’ll need to learn how to update and maintain it! That can seem overwhelming and confusing to learn. We will teach you how to feel comfortable updating your website how to use the WordPress dashboard.
Make content updates
Get an overall ability to maintain  your site
Create new pages
Add new functionality

How WordPress
Training Works

There's no need to spend hours trying to learn WordPress on your own. Save time and money! In as little as one hour learn the in's and out's of your website.

  • Make a list of any issues you are facing with the website, or anything, in particular, you would like to learn or update on our website.
  • We learn the backend of your website. This saves you time as the one on one training session can run more efficiently and more productively.
  • Meet at Richmond and start the training!

WordPress Training Guide

  • How to use Visual Composer
  • Introduction to WordPress. Why is WordPress good?
  • Creating menus (drop-down menus, parent and children menu items)
  • WordPress Options (WordPress config) and WordPress Theme Options (theme config)
  • Managing images and content (inserting, cropping and linking images from the media library, using lists)
  • Exploring/Creating pages, posts, & custom post types (draft, pending review and publishing posts)
  • Sidebars and Widget areas
  • Taxonomies: categories & tags
  • Plugins / Installation (Contact forms, content management and SEO plugins)
  • User Accounts and Privileges
  • Good SEO – Permalinks, Page Slugs and Page titles


How much is WordPress training?

WordPress training is $135 ph + GST.  This training is one on one and designed specifically for your website.

Do you provide documentation?

We can provide videos to you as well as screencasts with voiceovers from the session. At any point during the training session, you can request to have screencast made. This will help you remember how the more complex parts of your website work.

I can' get in touch with my developer.. can you help me?

It’s one of our most common FAQ’s – When a developer leaves, or a relationship ends badly after the completion of the website.  Or sometimes once you’ve paid, the developer isn’t “interested” in you anymore… All we need is access to the website and we can assist.

What do I bring to the session?

We do not provide any formal training documentation so bring a note pad and pen to take notes. Although it may seem simple at the time. Writing it down makes all the difference later.  Ideally you would bring a laptop with your website and images/content on the laptop so you can actively participate in the session.  There are power sources available throughout training.

How do I find my wp-admin website login details?

Login details are commonly provided to you on the completion of your website from your developer.  We can provide assistance on how to find these details if you have lost username/password to the website.
We cannot complete training without access to the website.

How can I pay?

You can pay with cash on the day, via internet transfer or via a credit card within 7 days after the session.

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