How to appear in google search

By December 15, 2019Learn WordPress

The Reading settings is really important section of the WordPress settings. There is some really important settings in here.

Setting your homepage and blog settings

We’ve got the home page settings. At the moment, our homepage is set to display our latest posts rather than a static page. Our homepage is essentially a blog right now. I could change this to a static page and then choose the only other page that I actually have right now is called sample page but I could create a new page new create a new page called “home”. I could set my homepage to be a page which i just created and is called “home”.

I’ll set it to sample page. This is a default page that WordPress gives you with every every install of WordPress.

Here we can also set our blog page. I could actually create a page called “blog” and set it to to be the blog page. And set it here to display all my blog posts. I’ve also got the amount of blog posts I want to show.

Settings for RSS

This setting here for syndication feeds is for RSS feeds. You can set the amount of posts that you can show on your RSS and here we have further options for how much text we want to display on on the feed so probably best to use a summary rather than the full text. I’m not a huge user of syndication. I just never really got into that and never really experienced the world of RSS. I gave it a shot once and it just quickly sort of faded away into the background of my work flow.

The most important of all the wordPress Settings.

This is a critical setting. We can discourage search engines. We can discourage Google from crawling our website.

The only reason you would want to do to do that is if your site is really still under construction. You’re not ready for the search engines to come along and crawl the site. Also, perhaps you have a staging website or a development website.

A development website which is a clone of your website which you use for testing purposes… for instance. For our development workflow, we upload our work to staging site, get the work approved by the client and then we send it to the live site. If you’ve got a system like that in place.. then you want to you want to discourage the staging site from being crawled but never the live site.