The cost depends on your goals. It helps to break down the project by your needs. This website cost calculator was designed to help you evaluate what your priorities are and how much "ball park" it would cost. Several factors are considered when a web site development company quotes a website:

  • Number of templates the website requires

    single post template, post archive template, services page template, product page template, custom post types templates.

  • What are the goals of the design?:

    How difficult will it be to acheive such goals?

  • Difficulty of theme build:

    If the design is complex the theme difficulty will be high.

  • How much project management will be required?:

    If the website has a lot of functionality then project management level will be high.

  • Custom functionality:

    If your requirements are somewhat sophisticated and new to the development team. Then time needs to be spent researching, testing and experimenting. It helps to choose a development team who has already implemented the functionality you require.

  • How much risk is there?:

    Are there any red flags?. Do you have existing branding to work with? Is the Brief clear? Do you have content? Is this your first website?

  • Deadline:

    How flexible is the due date?

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Website Cost Calculator

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