Gutenberg reusable global blocks is one of the most powerful features of modern WordPress Development.

What are global blocks?

Global blocks are “blocks” of content that can be reused throughout your site. The global aspect of it is that you can update a block once and have the updates ripple through your entire site. This is great for content changes to blocks that you need to affect your entire site.

What are the benefits of global blocks?

  • Save Time – Global blocks live in a central location in the admin. You can make your updates to one of your global blocks and the changes get applied automatically to all instances of the block (Excluding “Regular Blocks”).
  • Consistency – Updating one “master block” ensures all the instances of the block remain consistent with you update.
  • Flexibility – global blocks can be converted into regular blocks. Regular blocks are not apart of the global block scope. So you have the freedom to edit regular blocks however you like without affecting other blocks on your site.
  • Versatility – duplicate blocks and create alternate versions of existing blocks, then save the alternate blocks as a global block. Now you have global block variations.

This video teaches you best practices for working with Gutenberg blocks. Stay tuned till the end to learn about Gutenberg Block Keyboard Shortcuts.

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