Choosing search engine friendly website URLS

By December 15, 2019Learn WordPress

Permalinks are your URL structure.

WordPress gives you a little bit of control over how things are displayed on the frontend.

For instance you could display it like this. “post=1” Which is basically display your posts by post ID. Each page and post has its own ID. That’s what that stands for. The problem with that is it’s horrible to look at.

It’s horrible to read and it’s not semantics and it doesn’t mean a lot to search engines.
This is one of the reasons why my WordPress is good at SEO out of the box.

We don’t want to use /2019/12/15/sample-post/ this really isn’t much better. It is slightly better but it still got this messy date in there. Date data is best displayed in other areas.

/sample-post/ is the one I choose most often because it’s the simplest. That’s just gonna display my website URL with with the page name or the post name.

You can get more sophisticated if you like. Especially if you’ve got a pretty complex blog or something cause you can choose this custom structure here and by default it set the post name which is exactly the same as /sample-post/ but you could add in something custom. If you put your cursor right there you can put in category there too.

If you save that now. Then go to all posts and view a post that’s been categorized.

This one has been categorized for the category of “mycat”.

If I view that now we’ve got “/mycat” what “/hello-world”.

Go back and if we undo that now that’s just hello-world so it’s up to you how you like to do it.

There is another option down here in permalinks. Personally, I think that the shorter the better the shorter the sweeter the more you can sort of keep it simple and cut straight to the point. It’s better for search engines.

It’s better for people. There’s also this other option down here which is category base which if you read the instructions here it’s something. if we put in the word “topics” or something like that “topics” let’s just go with “something” save that now. What that does is, if we view our categories this time and we go to view the “mycat” category. Now, the category structure has changed now. It’s “something” + “mycat” which I don’t recommend I think this is just getting too convoluted and you would have to have a pretty good reason for doing something like this…. Which I can’t think of any