How to login to your WordPress website.

By December 14, 2019Learn WordPress

In this video we’re going to start from the very basics. We’re gonna teach you how to log in so go to your website.

The login url

Start with the URL of your website. Then type in forward slash (/) WP dash (-) admin.

You’ll see that you get redirected to this wp-login.php address.

You can also just type that in to access this page as well. For some reason, I find /wp-admin easier to remember and so that’s the address I always go to.

How to do a lost password

If you don’t know what details to login with you can try a lost password. Lost password is going to work based on your username or your email address.

If you put in your email address here and hit to get new password you’ll be emailed an invitation to reset your password.

If you do the lost password and your password and your email address isn’t in the system, you don’t have an account created, then this will give you an error.

In this situation this is where you would contact your web developer and request to have an account created for you.

Or ask what email address your account is linked to.

wp-admin page is a 404 page not found

If you type in wp-admin and you get redirected to a page not found or you don’t see this login area it could be that you’re not actually running a WordPress website or it could be that that there is a plug-in on your website that or some sort of functionality on your website that is changing the the login address so it’s changing WP-admin to be something else. The reason why someone why you would do something like this on your website is for security. WordPress it is really popular and this address is widely known to be the login address. Hackers know know all about this address. They know to target this address to try and break into your website. That’s why changing this address is considered to be a good idea.