Configuring the general WordPress settings

By December 14, 2019Learn WordPress

Configuring the general WordPress settings

These are your general WordPress settings. I’ve got some really important information in here.

Setting the wordpress site title and tagline

the site title which is displayed to the user quite often. It certainly appears a lot in search results like Google search results and the tagline also very important that we use our official company tagline here

Both of these are reflected on the front-end to the end-user.

Setting the wordpress master email address

We’ve got the WordPress address so no need to change to change this especially if it’s correct they look at the the main email address here so for me I often find that this email address is still registered to the web developer even though the web developers still not in the picture. This should really be the site owner so this is the master email address

whether or not you want to open membership

This is only used for sites and for membership sites so that should really never be checked.

Default user role

default user role so for new new members that sign up what what is going to be their user role. All these options have different levels of privileges.

the language

the language I’ve always really just stuck with us us English

the timezone

the timezone can also be important especially if you have functionality that relates to the to the time.
we being in Melbourne I think we’re at the moment UTC plus 11

the date

the date format I’ve never really been concerned with this but this is really just how the date displays
If you’re not happy with the number format or you you prefer a number format you can set that here

the time

Same with the time. If time is really important to you and for me I think the dates especially important especially if you’ve got a blog or something outputting the date of the publication. I think is really important.

the importance of dates

I don’t like to see blog posts with no date on it.

I think it’s I think it’s a valuable feature to display for usability and then once again if you’ve got functionality that relies on timing then set your week settings.

the week settings

Our week starts on Sunday so we’d set that there to Sunday and then just click Save and then you can move on to the next section