Testing email newsletter designs and technical checklist

Thunderbird provides a way to embed your email newsletter design into the email and send it out for testing purposes.

Install the stationary addon

Download the stationary addon.

From within thunderbird.

Go to tools > Addons.
From the options menu (near search box) > Install addon from file.
Embed the html

Go to Tools > Stationary options. Select > add new from the “manage Templates” screen. Select your Email html file. Close the “manage Templates” screen. Select > file > New message and a New email message screen will appear. It should have the html template embedded inside. If it doesn’t, Close the Message window and select > File > New Message. I have found it needs a couple of goes to load the template.

Now send out the email newsletter for testing in different email clients like gmail, hotmail, macmail, outlook.

Now if you continue to make changes to your html file, the changes are automatically reflected in the embedded email. You don’t need to reload the html template every time you make a change.

Technical Checklist

Relevant html title

Using inline styles is best practice ie:

Avoid spam filters by using correct html markup

All images need border = 0 unless the border is a design requirement

All images have width and height specified

Gmail demands images have

Image Alt text is correct.

Declare font family on each paragraph tag

All links are working and set to

>Convert all special characters to HTML entities html special character converter. Copy paste your text into this tool for automatic conversion of special characters like ‘quotes’ to pure html tags.
Test email in as many different email clients as possible*

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