custom theme pitfalls

I came across this custom made theme in a recent wordpress training session. It looks great. The problem is however. Its broken a major wordpress / web design best practice. Which is to keep the content separated from the html markup. Specifically, markup needs to go in wordpress template files. In the wordpress admin – edit post content area for aquaBubbler. I find many opening and closing div tags such as.

the content here

This is a massive problem for many reasons.

  • The pages are easily broken by accidental editing of these tags
  • People get uncomfortable when they see html
  • It’s a costly exercise to manually change all the div tags in all the different content areas.
  • These tags need to be included into all the new pages that are created.

So the website looks great. Its just not developed for future expansion. It would work if the content on the site was never meant to change. But why would you choose wordpress then?

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