Registering new sites with google

Registering new sites with google New Sites often need a little nudge to start appearing in the google search results. Ensure your new site appears in google results faster Create google webmaster tools account Generate an xml sitemap – get a plugin to assist you. Submit the website site xml file to google. Get some inbound links from external websites

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how do you know if your custom build is done

How do you know if your custom build is done? Monday, November 17th, 2014 Once your custom built wordpress site has been handed over to you. It’s a good idea to take it for a test run ASAP (Preferably before you have signed off and paid the final payment). You need to test out the sites functionality to see if

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php errors by wordPress

Here’s a log and brief explanation of some of the php errors wordPress throughs at you. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted You can usually resolve this by adding the below to your wp-config file.

Cannot modify header information Was a tricky error. I finally discovered the problem related to a gravity forms stylesheet enqueue. For

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custom theme pitfalls

I came across this custom made theme in a recent wordpress training session. It looks great. The problem is however. Its broken a major wordpress / web design best practice. Which is to keep the content separated from the html markup. Specifically, markup needs to go in wordpress template files. In the wordpress admin – edit post content area for

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Cheating huh error?

If you are seeing this error. When trying to upload an image through the wordpress admin in your premium theme. It means your theme is not compatible with wordpress 3.4. You must upgrade your theme to the latest version. If there is one. I can imagine many people purchased themes that, when they tried to upload images to through the

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Blogger to wordpress

A lot of Bloggers find out that free services like Blogger and only offer the blogger a fraction of control. Smart, forward thinking Bloggers, have already or are in the process of making the switch to a self hosted WordPress site. And they are reaping the rewards! List of benefits More control over SEO – More traffic from google

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